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 The principle of Enjoining Good and Prohibiting Evil from a Shia Rafidhi perspective- A Frank Method! 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2013 / 11 / 19   ||   Reading : 10843

We Shia are incapable of thinking that we are meant to be the masters of our own social, economic, political and religious affairs. We should be the ones taking our own dealings into our own power. But are we?


 The Liberation of the Shiite Individual - 1 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2013 / 08 / 24   ||   Reading : 10373

Those who follow the Messenger, the Ummi Prophet, whom they find described in the Torah and the Gospel with them. He enjoins on them that which is right and forbids them from that which is evil, and he makes lawful for them what is good and makes unlawful for them what is bad, and removes from them their burden and the shackles which where upon them. So, those who believe in him and honor him and help him, and follow the light which has been sent down with him, these are the successful.


 Do Not Mix your Belief with Injustice! 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2012 / 07 / 05   ||   Reading : 9455

Is it enough for someone to become just a Believer? If someone was assured within himself of the possession of belief, would that guarantee him salvation in the Hereafter?


 The Imam (peace be upon him) is not out of sight, we have blocked our vision 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2012 / 07 / 02   ||   Reading : 9339

Sahib Al Zaman, peace be upon him, is a name engraved in our hearts. His name travels in our blood veins. He is our only hope in this cruel world.


 We can do without this Kind of ( UNITY) 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2012 / 06 / 14   ||   Reading : 9911

It seems, to be honest, that we are compelled to go for a long walk towards the path of restructuring the Shia collective mentality so that it becomes aware of the true meanings of some of the concepts and the headlines at stake here and there.


 Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) The Miracle of Islam 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2012 / 05 / 29   ||   Reading : 10911

As Muslims, [we believe that] the holy Quran throws a great challenge to all nations. This is because it is the eternal miracle [of Islam] that no one has been or will ever be able to [take up the challenge] and produce anything comparable to such a miraculous book. The holy Quran is the only book that no matter however much it has been read, learnt and looked into; it will still remain relevant, tender and constantly involving.


 al-Zahra.. We shall be cleansed by her Wilaya 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2012 / 05 / 22   ||   Reading : 11227

The more one consumed within himself and worked out his intellect to the maximum in the search for the fundamental nature of the Woman of the Worlds (peace and blessings be upon, al-Zahra), the more confused one becomes.


 Say Welcome to Fitna! 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2012 / 05 / 19   ||   Reading : 16325

This article is the transcription of a lecture delivered by His Eminence Sheikh Yasser al-Habib, titled "Say Welcome to Fitna?"


 Sheikh al-Habibs speech on 17th Ramadan 1432 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2011 / 08 / 24   ||   Reading : 11937

In celebration of the delightful occasion of the death anniversary of the enemy of God Aisha daughter of Abu Bakr (May the wrath of God be upon them both) falling on the 17th of the holy month of Ramadan 1432, Khoddam al-Mehdi (peace be upon him) Organisation held a special ceremony in which Sheikh Yasser al-Habib (May God prolong his life) delivered a highly informative speech.


 A Lesson from Imam al-Hasan: How Shall You Face a Dictator Alone? 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 10 / 05   ||   Reading : 11028

In the pre-Islamic period everything had the mark of ignorance; thus the person who used to be most powerful and mighty as well as most artful in deceit and deception, had the full authority and people showed respect and regard out of fear of oppression and tyranny.


 Story of Caesar's granddaughter who fell in love and embraced prison for her lover! 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 06 / 18   ||   Reading : 13844

We read or hear about many impressive romantic love stories, and yet, we do not consider these worth our time because we know these are merely fictitious and imaginary stories. As for the true stories, they do not impress us much because they appear ordinary besides giving rise to doubts of exaggeration, deception, and depravity most of the time. Thus, such stories lose credibility and charm.


 Why do Shiites hate Omar Ibn al-Khattab?! 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 06 / 17   ||   Reading : 19266

One of the main points of contention between Shiite Muslims and other sects which claim to belong to the fold of Islam is the position taken towards the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah's Peace and Blessings upon Him and His pure Family).


 Sorry! There is violence but in Another Islam 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 06 / 17   ||   Reading : 15034

Islam involves no violence is a statement repeated a lot. However, the question here is which Islam is free from violence and where did this ideologically violent version, adopted by Al-Qa'ida, for instance, and causing all this destruction around the world, come from?


 Prophet Muhammad was murdered! 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 06 / 17   ||   Reading : 32124

Even today the Muslims know very little of their Prophet's history (Peace be upon him and his pure family). Therefore, they believe he died a natural death, but in fact, he had been assassinated.


 Maybe because it is self-contradictory it has become a holy book! 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 06 / 17   ||   Reading : 10944

Muslims say that the original scriptures sent down by God, the Torah and the Bible, are lost! And I do not think that anyone can tell us where, when or how they were lost? This is what Father Swaggart has said in his response to Muslims. Now, is this response scientifically correct or is it only deception and playing around with words and nothing else?


 If God is Just and Merciful Why Are There Natural Disasters? 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 06 / 17   ||   Reading : 11140

Atheists often challenge believers with this question: "If God exists and is just and merciful, then why do we see these huge disasters' happening in the world such as earthquakes, floods and storms which kill thousands of innocent victims including children who are not to blame for anything which turn the lives of survivors into hell because of the loss of their possessions or because they become handicapped? What have those innocent people done wrong and why do they face this evil. Is God evil?"


 How did Imam Ridha (Peace be upon Him) win his debate against the head of the Christians? 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 06 / 17   ||   Reading : 10601

"You cannot reject any of this that I have told you, since the Torah, Gospel, Psalms and Furqan have declared it. So if all who have raised the dead and healed the blind, lepers and insane are to be taken as Lord besides God, then take all these as Lords. What do you say, Christian?" The Catholicos said: "What you say is unanswerable. There is no god but Allah".


 Darwinism - When Prattle Evolves into a Theory! 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 06 / 17   ||   Reading : 11693

Apart from the religious evidences, the intellectual and scientific evidences also refute Darwins Theory of Evolution which says that the life evolved with the passage of time and transformed into one species from another, like the transformation of a monkey into a human being, for instance. As a result of that, life as a whole was the result of such evolution, meaning that God had no hand in creating man.


 A'isha was not a child when the Prophet (Allah's Peace and Blessings upon Him and His pure Family) married her 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 06 / 17   ||   Reading : 30657

Enemies of Islam be they Christians, Jews or other groups have often used the matter of the Prophet's marriage (Allah's Peace and Blessings upon Him and His pure Family) to A'isha as a weapon against this Great Prophet (Allah's Peace and Blessings upon Him and His pure Family). They rely on that which was spread by A'isha about her having been married off to the Prophet (Allah's Peace and Blessings upon Him and His pure Family) when she was a girl of six and that he consummated his marriage to her when she was a girl of only nine.


 Servants of Al-Mahdi (Peace be upon him), Spirits of the Revolution 

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 01 / 29   ||   Reading : 10574

The echo from the cries of the woman of holiness and purity, Fatima (Peace be upon her) shook the city as she called out: "Oh Father, Oh Muhammad.. .. This is what happened to us at the hands of Ibn Khattab and Ibn Abi Gahafa after you left"! People gathered round the house of the Prophet to see how the Prophet's daughter was slapped on the cheek! How she was flogged with a whip on the wrist! And how she was being squeezed between the wall and the door of her house! How a nail entered her chest! And how it entered her stomach! And how her baby was killed in her womb! And how she shed blood!


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