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Khoddam Al-Mahdi (Servants of Al-Mahdi), Glory with tribulation!  

Section : Articles   ||   Date : 2010 / 01 / 29   ||   Reading : 7594

Millions of Muslims failed to rush to support the Master of the youth of paradise (peace be upon him), except for the thousand who joined him in the beginning of his journey to Karbala. Many left during this trip, until on the night of the tenth of Muharram, only seventy three men remained to support Imam Hussain (Peace be upon him), who were all martyred together with him (Allahs peace be upon them all and may He be pleased with them).

Both those who failed to support Abu Abdullah (Peace be upon him), or  those who escaped and defected from the army have suffered a stigma which became apparent wherever they went, and have lost a grand status both in this world and the next. While those few who had opted to support the master of martyrs (Peace be upon him) received both glory and immortality in this world, and in the hereafter a high status in the Garden of Eden. This glory and immortality, which the people of this world keep alive generation after generation through remembering the names of the martyrs is unparalleled. Many of those who chose the righteous path of glory and immortality did so with the knowledge of the trials, misery and misfortunes that this would entail. They knew in advance that the battle with the diabolical Sufyani forces would be disproportionate. They were however certain about their moral victory, with their sacrifice being remembered generation after generation providing ideas for revolution, Renaissance and Reformation. The souls of these brave knights reserved their abode in Paradise and Allah's awaits them. Is there anything greater than that?!

Those unfortunate people of treason and villainy; what they are willing to scarify by abandoning their Imam (Peace be upon him), deserting him in his martyrdom, and returning to their homes to eat, drink and sleep like animals, with no meaning to their life! The world soon turned its back on them and stigmatized them as cowards and inferior! They are now suffering agony in their graves, an agony of waiting for the biggest day of reckoning!

Just a few of the courageous believers rose up to meet the call of God, like we all have to do, but we find that people are generally deaf, covering their eyes and holding their tongues when it comes to fighting evil, injustice and tyranny! There is a similar situation in our time, as there are servants who have dedicated themselves to their Imam Al-Mahdi (God's blessings and peace be upon him) so that he may re-appear, carrying a message of reform for mankind regardless of the difficulties and pitfalls, fighting those who want this world to remain unchanged in a state of hypocrisy, corruption, ignorance and backwardness!

The path of glory however is one of great prestige, providing benefits that require patience, regardless of the shedding of blood and the annihilation of life. Working for Imam Al-Mahdi (Peace be upon him) is fraught with danger and difficulties, conducted by those who insist on supporting the truth, and supporting the pure Ahl Ul-Bayt (Peace be upon them). And if the servants are not as described above, then they do not deserve this grand title, and it would be better for them to leave it to those who are more worthy of carrying it. It is incumbent to stay and continue on the rugged path. The path of glory with tribulation! The path of greatness with sacrifice! The elevated path with pain!

We are strive towards our goal until we achieve what we aim for, or die as martyrs to be fuel for revolutions to come. People can remember these efforts and sacrifices, and perhaps serve as a model for them, God willing. As for this great title of Khoddam Al-Mahdi, it is for our souls redemption. We will be servants of Imam Al-Mahdi (Peace be upon him) and accept the sacrifices to bear, and we thank God for this tribulation!


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