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Sheikh al-Habib dispels the rumours of being hospitalised for oral cancer 

Section : News   ||   Date : 2011 / 06 / 23   ||   Reading : 11285

During a live interview broadcasted on Fadak TV on the 14th of Rajab 1432, His eminence Sheikh al-Habib dispelled the rumours that have recently been published by the followers and propagandists of the deviant Bakri sect regarding his eminence health.

The deviant Bakri propagandist, Muhammad bin Abdul-Rahman al-Kous, was the first to openly spread rumours that Sheikh al-Habib has been diagnosed with oral cancer and is currently being hospitalised at a hospital in London to deceive the public into believing that His Eminence had supported falsehood in the curse prayer (i.e. Mubahalah) that took place last year.

He officially announced that one of his idiots had called the office of Sheikh al-Habib in London to confirm whether the news was true and the brothers at the office evaded answering his questions! In addition, he allegedly claimed that his friends son-in-law had called the Willington Hospital in London and they confirmed the diagnosis of the disease in the Sheikh! However, the so-called hospital later denied having Sheikh al-Habib hospitalised in any of its departments because it had been told to do so!!

After the appearance of Sheikh al-Habib at a live show on Fadak TV, the followers of the Bakri sect were totally shocked; as Sheikh al-Habib appeared in good health, speaking fluently and eloquently while supporting his scientific research which was on the cowardice of Umar Ibn al-Khattab (may the wrath of Allah be upon him) with proofs, evidences and references from the most authentic Bakri sources. There were absolutely no signs of the alleged disease whatsoever.

In response to a callers remark on the recent rumours invented and spread by al-Kous, Sheikh al-Habib recalled the scenario of events that have taken place since the ceremony held on the death anniversary of the enemy of God, Aisha daughter of Abu Bakr (May the wrath of Allah be upon them both), on the 17th of Ramadhan 1431 up until today.

Sheikh al-Habibs speech on the ceremony was a real eye-opener to many; due to which a considerable amount of Bakris were converting to Shia Islam on a daily basis. This has resulted in anger being stirred up in the Bakris communities. For this reason, they requested Sheikh al-Habib to hold a Mubahala challenge with the so-called Bakri propagandist Muhammad al-Kous. Prior to the Mubahala challenge, they spread rumours that Sheikh al-Habib would not be brave enough to take up the challenge and therefore would refuse their request.

On the contrary, Sheikh al-Habib was very welcoming towards the idea. His eminence had accepted their request without hesitation and carried out the Mubahala challenge with confidence and boldness. This has sent shock waves across the Bakris communities.

As a reaction to the Sheikhs success, the Bakris insidiously twisted the truth into lies by claiming that Sheikh al-Habib was nervous and unconfident, taking advantage of the absence of the Sheikh on their screens due to being unable to broadcast the Mubahala challenge on Fadak TV at that particular time.

However, after uploading the video of the Mubahala challenge up on the Internet, the truth was revealed as the video showed that Sheikh al-Habib was confident and had recited the Mubahala text fluently while making corrections to the shameful amount of mistakes being constantly made by Muhammad al-Kous.

During the live interview, Sheikh al-Habib explained that according to the deviant Bakri teachings, it is impermissible to use the following form of swearing: I am free from the might and power of God to my power and might. He added, this shows how Muhammad al-Kous is ignorant of his own religion because he had foolishly sworn using the above form of swearing on the Mubahala day. The propagandists of the deviant Bakri sect have ever since been spreading lies as part of their disinformation campaign against Sheikh al-Habib (May Allah prolong his life).

According to the following Quranic verse: It is those who believe not in the Signs of Allah, that forge falsehood: it is they who lie! Indeed, those who forge falsehood and make allegations against the living will fearlessly lie about the dead. They will indeed distort what the holy Quran actually says and fabricate the pure Sunnah of the Prophet (Allahs peace and blessings be upon him and his pure family); thus they cannot be trusted.


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